Practice Administrator


Jennifer has been a vital part of Dr. Joseph Aguiar’s practice from the beginning as his first employee.  As Practice Administrator, she wears many hats.  However, her favorite part of her job is taking patients through the consultation and surgery experience. 

In her words, “I love taking a woman through the consultation and surgical experience.  Most women come into the office with an idea that they would like to look better.  It’s really great to actually see them reach that goal, or even better, to get results that are far better than expected.  I’ve had women hug me, cry in happiness, and say they want to do cartwheels because they are so happy!  You can’t have a day better than that!”

Jennifer began her career in the medical field by earning an AAS degree and serving as a clinical respiratory therapist for eight years, including three years as a neonatal/pediatric therapist at Riley Children's Hospital in Indianapolis. She has always had a love for cosmetic procedures and skin care, and decided in 1997 to apply her knowledge of medicine and business to the aesthetic skin care industry and become an aesthetician.

Jennifer founded the Medical Spa to provide superior aesthetic services under the safest, most effective conditions, in order to bring about the best outcomes possible. An avid consumer of medical skin products since the age of 20, she not only has a true love for them, she is also thoroughly versed in the products themselves, the chemistry behind them, and how they interact with the skin.

Jennifer is proud that the Medical Spa approaches skin care differently from many other practices. The goal is to heal skin from the inside out, to treat it in the healthiest way possible, rather than merely stripping off the old skin.

Since the practice opened, Jennifer has taken pride in managing an expert and knowledgeable staff that educates clients and offers outstanding customer service in every area, something that has been of the utmost importance from the outset. She feels that the most important aspect of the practice, and what differentiates it from many others in the area, is the amount of time spent with clients and the care given to informing them of their options. Clients enjoy the power of knowledge and a warm reception.