• 17Dec

    Celebrities may be kicking the natural push recently and heading back to plastic surgery… Check this article out …

  • 16Dec

    Dr. Aguiar, my staff and I work everyday to provide a great experience for our clients.  We pride ourselves for creating a relaxing but educatinal experience for both the plastic surgery clients and the medical spa clients.  I love getting emails and letters from appreciative clients.  Here are a few examples of what our clients say. … Continue reading Happy Clients

  • 14Dec

    As cosmetic procedures become more common place, consumers start to get complacent with the need for expertise.  Botox is advertised everywhere you look.  Bus benches, bandit signs, billboards, Craigslist, etc.  Just because you can go to an Urgent Care Center, the mall, hair salon, or your friend’s house and get a cosmetic procedure done, doesn’t … Continue reading Do It Yourself Botox?

  • 03Dec

    Every year, nearly 5 million reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are performed in the United States. Many of them are life-changing for patients and for the surgeons themselves. To better illustrate what types of state-of-the-art procedures are being done every day, ASPS created the Reconstructing Lives Blog, which gives members the opportunity to share their compelling … Continue reading Patient Stories: Reconstructing Lives Patient Stories: Reconstructing Lives