• 10Feb

    The “Other” side of plastic surgery is actually the “Original” side of plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery has been performed for 100’s of years.  The word plastic means “capable of being molded or modeled.”  Human tissue is considered to be “plastic” as it can be molded or modeled.  The definition of plastic surgery is “surgery done … Continue reading It’s not just about eyes, thighs, and bigger breasts

  • 09Feb

    Tampa Plastic Surgeon is Honored with National Patients’ Choice Award Tampa, FL February 10, 2011:  Board certified plastic surgeon Dr. Joseph Aguiar of the industry leading Aguiar Plastic Surgery Center in Tampa, received the Vitals.com Patients’ Choice Award for 2010. This is particularly noteworthy because there are 720,000 practicing physicians in the United States and … Continue reading Tampa Plastic Surgeon is Honored with National Patients’ Choice Award

  • 09Feb

    Doctor’s medical assistant says, “Mrs. Jones, the Doctor is ready to suck your blood.  Well not exactly, but they will draw your blood.  There has been media frenzy in Tampa regarding the “Vampire Facelift.”  If movies like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and television show, Being Human, weren’t so hot, the Vampire Facelift would probably be called … Continue reading Vampire Facelift

  • 07Feb

    Are you ready for the next milestone moment?  Parents are get excited to see their child reach the next milestone in development.  Children want to fly through their milestones….elementary school, middle school, high school, driver’s license, graduation, college etc. We all have milestone moments in life.  Milestone moments can be happy, sad, or a mixture of … Continue reading Milestone Moments