2015 Cosmetic Surgery Trends (Series- part 5 of 6)


Sometimes the Little Things Make All the Difference!

Plastic surgeons are reporting more patients asking for little tweaks that can have a big impact on their overall appearance and self-esteem. Some examples we have heard of include earlobe reduction, fillers for the creases in front of the ears , temples and jawline, removing moles and birthmarks, lifting the upper lip through hidden incisions under the nostrils, as well as soft lifts to gently lift up sagging cheeks, brows and jowls. These may seem insignificant to some people, but honestly a tiny tweak can really make a huge difference. In fact you notice someone suddenly looks amazing, younger, more revitalized and may not be able to put your finger on what’s “different” about them.

For example you probably never thought about the amount of space between your nose and your upper lip, but when that gets longer with time it can be an obvious sign that you’re getting older. Now, plastic surgeons can shorten the space with an upper lip lift, a small surgery in which excess skin is removed, creating a small and barely noticeable scar hidden at the base of the nose. And what about those poor people that hold back their smile because it can reveal too much gum. A plastic surgeon can alter your “way-too-gummy smile” by cutting some of the muscles that elevate the lip and inserting a spacer implant to prevent these muscles from reconnecting. This takes less than an hour and involves minimal downtime.

Ever wish you were born with dimples? Well now you can get them. A plastic surgeon can make a tiny incision on the inside of your mouth, placing a small suture between the buccinator muscle and the skin of the cheek. This could be a trump card for getting out of trouble, or wooing that someone special!

A wide jawline might look nice on a man, but what if you are a woman? What used to be an awful and painful surgery can now be taken care of without surgery! Plastic surgeons can reduce the size of the masseter (chewing) muscle by injecting neurotoxin.  The dreaded back fat used to be removed by liposuction, but now the Bra-Line -Back -Lift can surgically remove the fat and hide the scar in the bra line. It’s amazing how little changes can literally make all the difference.

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