2015 Cosmetic Surgery Trends (Series- part 6 of 6)


Easier, Non-Invasive Procedures- Coming Soon?

Plastic surgeons are excited about a new fat-melting injection to help reduce the appearance of double chins, as well as a new topical form of BOTOX® and the rumors are that the FDA’s nod of approval could come sometime in 2015. With cosmetic surgeries and procedures on the rise, the new advancements could not come at a better time. These trends have made non-surgical procedures the primary driver of growth in the aesthetic and the anti-aging market.

Botox & Dysport injections are currently among the most popular cosmetic procedures in the world. It is most known for its ability to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, smile lines and frown lines. According to American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery (ASAPS)  annual statistics in 2013, botulinum toxin remained the most frequently performed non-invasive procedure with a 15.6% year-over-year increase. In fact they report that non-surgical procedures accounted for 83.5% of the total number of procedures performed in 2013

But even with these soaring statistics there are still those out there searching, or rather waiting for an even more less-invasive way to achieve a younger appearance. Two of the main reasons people report why they avoid Botox procedures are a needle phobia, and they don’t want their facial muscles to freeze. Fortunately, a topical Botox is on its way to doctor’s offices that will make the procedure easier for patients, as well as doctors.

RT001 is a new gel created by Revance Therapeutics  that could potentially fix both of those problems as a topical form of Botox that provides the same service with far less discomfort. RT001 is essentially an alternative product that has skin-smoothing properties that are (hopefully) as effective as Botox’s without needing to be injected into the skin. RT001 is applied directly to the skin, left on for a specific amount of time, and then removed with a special tool. RT001 is still a drug, so it will not be available in stores or via prescription, it will still need to be administered by a medical professional.

RT001 has been in clinical trials for several years now. It was tested on hundreds of people and so far the majority of them achieved success. Patients saw smoother skin, and less wrinkles. It’s reported that RT001 is easier to apply to specific areas than Botox, and it is more effective on areas that normally require multiple shots of Botox to be effective. As the product enters its final phase of FDA testing, it is estimated that it will be made available in the early part of 2015.

So the advantages of RT001over Botox are that it’s easier to apply, requires less applications/injections than Botox and the results to not appear to “freeze: as Botox does. However it’s important to note that RT001 cannot penetrate thicker skinned areas as well, such as feet. So depending on what you inject Botox for, like over active sweat glands in the feet, RT001 may not be a better option. More information about the procedure and trials can be read about at

Still not ready to go under the needle? Well there are amazing anti-aging products out there that can give you close-to-Botox results without the needle! For a list of the top rated products visit:

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