7 Secrets Plastics Surgeons Only Tell Their Friends


A couple months ago there was an article in Redbook magazine called, 7 Secrets Plastic Surgeons Tell Their Friends.

I thought it was pretty funny and just wanted to put my 2 cents in on these subjects. Yes, I realize that I am NOT a plastic surgeon. However, 15 years in the field does allow me to build some opinions.

“Sorry, there is no good fix for cellulite”

With tears running down my face, I answer this is (sob) true. If and when there is a good treatment for cellulite, I’ll be the first one in line. Whoever invents a good cellulite treatment will be a BAGAZillionaire! For now, save your money, exercise, drink lots of water, limit caffeine and blame your family for your genes!

 “Sleep on Your Back”

So my pillow scrunched up and my face firmly pressed into the pillow in the most unattractive, drooling, pug face is bad for my skin? I don’t buy this? In all my years of reading plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and skin care journals, I’ve never seen a study that showed that sleeping on your face causes wrinkles. I actually know someone who believes this herself. I can tell you she does not look any better or worse than any of my “face in the pillow” sleeping friends.  I tend to believe that not getting good sleep would be far worse.

Wait, maybe this is why vampires have such beautiful skin.

“We (sometimes) think you’re nuts”

Let’s face it, we are all a little “nutty” (sometimes). New mothers get a little “nutty” over their babies. Men get a little “nutty” over a new car. I think a little “nutty” goes with the territory in our business. Patients should be a little nutty over the decision to have surgery or not have surgery. It’s a big deal!

“Tummy tucks are a major surgery”

YES, YES, & YES. In the world of cosmetic surgery becoming more mainstream, consumers are starting to think “it’s easy, everyone does it, it is no big deal.” Yes, more people are having tummy tucks. No, everyone does not do it. Yes, it is a big deal. A tummy tuck can give you awesome results and get you back into the bikini you have tucked away in your underwear drawer. Or, it can give you awful results. It is a BIG DEAL that you pick the right surgeon for your tummy tuck. It is a surgery that needs to be done right the first time. There are no good “do-overs” in tummy tucks.

“You can pick your boobs out of a catalog”

Deep breath, 1, 2, 3, I’m counting so I don’t scream!! Breast Implants are not shoes off of zappos. You can’t slip them on and send them back with a pre-paid postage label. While you can use photos to explain to your board certified plastic surgeon that you like one look over another, you can’t just “order up a pair from a catalog.” Over my 15 years in plastic surgery, I have seen thousands upon thousands of breasts, and I can tell you that I have yet to see the same breasts twice. In my opinion, breasts are as unique as a finger print. So go ahead and show your surgeon what you like or don’t like. But be prepared to hear what he/she is able to make happen for you. One size does not fit all!

 “Seriously, enough with the cigarettes and sun”

Yawn.  Are we seriously still talking about this?!?! People who smoke, age faster. It’s been proven again and again. UV rays age the skin, whether it’s from the sun or the tanning bed. Don’t get me wrong, I live in the Sunshine State and spend a lot of time outside. If you want to look your best, don’t smoke and limit sun exposure and wear sunscreen. That’s my public service announcement for 2015.

 “Liposuction will never be a replacement for the gym”

I see patients every week that are frustrated with their weight and think liposuction is the way to get thru their weight loss. Liposuction is to get rid of those stubborn areas of fat that don’t ever go away with diet and exercise. A very nice gentlemen patient once said, “My stomach is a stubborn area of fat that doesn’t go away!” While he needed to lose about 100 lbs, he simply did not understand why the doctor couldn’t suck out at least 50% of the 100 lbs. since 50% was in his stomach. I feel for patients that struggle with their weight and want an easy fix. Weight loss is hard! But at the end of the day, safety and long term results are what are most important for patients.

 Here’s what I think.

Plastic Surgeons don’t keep secrets that they only share with their friends. The plastic surgeons I know really care about their patients and only want their patients to have the BEST! There is no special breast implant, dermal filler, or secret procedures that they reserve only for their friends. Plastic surgeons want their friends and patients to be happy.

Next time you are wondering, “Should I get breast implants. Is my nose crooked? Am I ready for a facelift?” Ask your plastic surgeon this, “If I were your friend, would you advise me to get ____________?” Then you will really know what to do or not to do.

All my best,


PS:  I LOVE Zappos.


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