Aging of the eye

AGING EYES – Can We Really See a Difference?

Aging eyes can sometimes be the first indication that you do not look as young as you used to, or look as young as you feel. Not everyone’s eyes age in the same, each patient has a unique set of concerns and attributes. Blepharoplasty, eye surgery is an option more and more patients are opting for today.

Fillers are the best option for younger patients, in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s. Options to re-volumize the area around the eyes are limited to fillers and fat grafting, but offer a less invasive approach to those who are not ready for surgery. Younger patients are more likely to be satisfied with the results from fillers because they’re less likely to have other signs of periorbital aging, such as wrinkles, dermatochalasia and laxity of the orbicularis muscles, which cause lower eyelid drooping.

It is important the appropriate dermal filler be used under the eyes.  Some can create the “Tyndall effect” than, which is the appearance of a bluish discoloration under the eyes that can develop with other hyaluronic acid fillers used around the eyes.

Many patients who are concerned about their aging eyes and who feel the fillers are no longer effective may eventually decide on surgery as a solution. Some of these patients might move to fat grafting for more permanent results. Like fillers, fat grafting doesn’t address concerns beyond replenishing volume. And there are other drawbacks with using fat as it will eventually be reabsorbed by the body. And while fat transfer is considered less invasive than blepharoplasty, some patients may experience up to a week of bruising from the procedure.

Eye lid surgery can rejuvenate the eyes with a more permanent result, giving individuals the freedom from so much maintenance. There are many options and techniques available today that work beautifully if they’re done on the right patient, at the correct stage of aging. Only your board certified plastic surgeon can access if you are the right candidate.

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