Anti-Aging Regimen: Strategies and Techniques


Injectables and fillers and Botox®, oh my. What is all of this and how does it work? Part of the confusion comes because anti-aging is not a one-shot solution. Battling the signs of aging is a process; a multi-stage, multi-level effort.

As we age, environmental factors cause skin damage; sunlight, air pollution, cosmetics and other factors all take a toll on skin. The basis of an effective anti-aging routine includes using a good, high quality cleanser every day to insure that your skin is clean.

Masks and facials are treatments, typically administered by a licensed aesthetician, that provide deep cleaning and skin stress relief, another important technique for keeping lines and wrinkles at bay. Skin can also be rejuvenated, and dead or damaged skin removed via microdermabrasion, chemical peels and and/or laser resurfacing, all of which actually remove the top layer of skin, promoting healing and skin regrowth.

Many anti-aging creams and serums also counter signs of aging by reversing the damage done to skin. These products use a variety of natural elements to replace collagen and restore elasticity and strength to the skin. There are general creams for daytime and nighttime application as well as specialty serums that treat specific areas (i.e. under the eyes).

Eventually, despite your best efforts, gravity, age and genetics may result in lines, wrinkles and folds that simply can’t be eliminated or even minimized to your satisfaction. At this point many people turn to injectables and fillers, the most popular of which are Botox®, Perlane® & Restylane®. These products may be used individually or in a combination, depending upon the results you are trying to achieve and your specific situation. Botox relaxes the muscles and is often used for severe frown lines in the brow and crows feet around the eye area. Fillers use a variety of elements to replace lost volume and “plump up” areas of the face. This is particularly effective for deep folds such as those that stretch from the edge of the nose down around the mouth area.

Anti-aging skin care is a process, and there are a variety of options which may be right for you. The professionals at Aguiar Plastic Surgery can work with you to determine the best regimen to keep your skin healthy and youthful.

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