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sleep is a beauty secret



For many men/women, sleep is the an elusive monster. As someone who has had problems sleeping my entire life, I understand how hard a good night’s sleep can be.

For the record, I have no training or education in sleep or sleep conditions. I am merely writing this as a peri-menopausal woman who has a busy,and often stressful life, who has difficulty sleeping.

I do understand the benefits of what quality sleep for does for our mind and body and have listed a few of them for you below. For all of you “super busy” people that thinks sleep is a waste of time, take note of these benefits. You will likely change your mind.

Benefits of Quality Sleep.


  1. Radiant Skin. As we sleep our body is going through the restorative phase. Lots of great things happen during the restorative phase. One of those great things is the production of HGH (human growth hormone) increases. The increase in HGH helps rebuild collagen, the essential building block of youthful skin. However, sleep is also at a time with we can lose up to 25% of our skin’s hydration. It’s super important to apply a great moisturizer specific for the face and one specific for body skin to help protect hydration.
  2. Improves Memory. There have been many studies done on the effects of sleep and memory. A good night’s sleep definitely improves your memory. So if you are trying to learn something new, taking a test, or interviewing for a new job, a good night of sleep will help.
  3. Reduces Inflammation. A study done in 2010 showed people who slept less than 6 hours per night had a higher C-Reactive Protein, which is associated with heart attack. So sleeping is good for the heart!
  4. Get Better Exercise. When the body has time to restore, it makes your athletic activities better. Prepping for a marathon? Make sure you sleep well the month or two before the race!
  5. Better Control of Your Weight. The same sector of the brain that controls sleep also controls metabolism. When your hormones are in sync, it’s easier to maintain and lose weight.

So those should be some pretty good reasons to make sleep a priority. But how do we develop good sleep hygeniene when our lives make it harder to go to sleep and/or stay asleep?

Different methods/products/medications work for different people. Of course you should always start with the most benign things before jumping to medications. You should also consult your physician for advice. I know my primary care physician has helped me understand healthy sleep tips.

Healthy Sleeping Tips.


  1. Camomile tea and lavender scent have been used for 100’s of years.
  2. Remove as much light as possible, including electronic devices. (Doesn’t work for me. I have to have TV)
  3. Try a white noise machine or app.
  4. Keep the temperature lower at night. In a humid, tropical climate like Tampa, Florida, a cooler temperature can be key to getting quality sleep. What the heck did we do before central AC? Oh I remember, we sweat and didn’t sleep.
  5. Invest in a good pillow. This year I actually asked for a pillow for my birthday!!! I felt I wasn’t sleeping well because of a neck problem. I really wanted to try the MyPillow that you see on TV. It took a couple of nights to get used to, as I was used to down, but I LOVE IT! I am not waking up with back or neck pain now.
  6. A Weighted Blanket. Say what? I have trouble sleeping due to anxiety. A few years ago, I did some research and found that weighted blankets were used for children with ADHD, Autism, anxiety disorders, etc. I read the science and it made complete sense. The effects of weight/pressure on the body has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety hormones, lower heart rate, and lower blood pressure. At that time, weighted blankets weren’t commercially available. Early in 2017, I happened to see they were being manufactured. YEAH!! So I asked for one for Christmas. I was pleasantly surprised when I opened the box and found one that matched my current bedding. Little did I know that people were also making and selling them on I ABSOLUTELY LOVE my weighted blanket. This is the one that I have. The first couple of nights, it felt too heavy and I wasn’t sure it would be a good thing. After the first few nights, I started sleeping a lot better. I didn’t wake as often, didn’t move as much, and felt more rested in the morning. Now I can’t wait to get into bed with my MyPillow and weighted blanket. Hahahahaha.

I have to also say, that I am not against medications. If prescribed by a good, responsible doctor, medication can improve sleep and improve quality of life.

Get some good rest!



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