Beauty Secret Sunday – February 4, 2018 – Skinade

Skinade Day 1
A patient who started a 90 day trial of Skinade and this is Day 1.
Skinade Day 90
A patient who did a 90 day trial with Skinade and this is day 90.

I am often asked for my “beauty secrets”.  Other women think I look great for my age, have great skin, great hair, etc.  In my opinion, most of these women look great too, but we are hard on ourselves.  And since I work in the plastic surgery world, I must have secrets they don’t know about.

The truth is, yes and no.  I often use products that are available to everyone, but others may not for fear of them not working and wasting money.  That is a real concern.  Everywhere we look there are ads and testimonials of products that guarantee to make us look younger, feel better, smooth our cellulite, get rid of age spots, etc.  The list goes on and on.

What products I decide to use or not use is not based on advertising or marketing, but science. I’ll use a cell phone for example.  The cell phone I had in 2004 is very different than the cell phone I have now.  The one that was the latest and greatest in 2004, probably wouldn’t even work right now.

The same thing happens in beauty products. In the past 14 years, I am truly amazed at the advances of products available to us for our beauty needs.  The ingredients used, the technological advances used to create these products and make them effective are remarkable.

SKINADE.  I know what you are thinking.  I talk about Skinade a lot!! But for good reason.  Occasionally, a product hits the market that is truly revolutionary and Skinade is one of them.

About 3-4 years ago, I came across an article about the nutritional drink that was being used in the UK.  What peaked my interest about this nutritional drink was it was for the SKIN.  I started reading the literature (studies and research) and it was impressive.  I continued to follow the product over many years and was continually impressed by the literature.  The amount of collagen this product was rebuilding in the skin had never been done by ANY product.

Needless to say, when Skinade was available in the US, I had to have it.  One day a woman walked into my office that I knew in a different capacity and was curious as to why she was in my office looking for me.  She said she had a new job and was so excited to offer this revolutionary nutritional drink for the skin.  I stopped her right there and asked, “is it Skinade?”.  She replied, “how do you know about Skinade?” I explained to her I had been following the literature for a few years.  She said no one else she talked to had any idea what Skinade was at all.

She and I are both science nerds, so we spent time talking about the collagen matrix, oxidative stress, bio-available essential micronutrients, and 2kDal hydrolysed marine collagen peptides. (Insert teenage girl scream at One Direction concert.) That’s how excited we were about the science behind the product.

Of course I placed an order and within the first week had sold out of the entire order.  That was 12 months ago.  I am very happy to report that 80% of my clients that started Skinade are still using Skinade.  The ones that didn’t continue with Skinade was due to financial reasons, but they loved the product.

I know everyone isn’t going to believe that a “drink” can rebuild collagen and those people need proof. If you are one of those people, I advise you to put your science had on and read the literature.

One issue I would like to address right away is the cost.  Skinade is $150 for a 30 day supply.  Seems expensive.  However, you can be assured that 90% of the product is being absorbed. (That in itself is super impressive!!) You can also replace many of your supplements with Skinade.  Example: Biotin, Vitamin B complex (included B12), MSM, Vitamin C, L-lysine, and Omegas 3 & 6.  Omegas are sourced exclusively from organic flax seed oil.  So you can see you are getting a lot for the money and it’s scientifically proven your body will absorb 90% of ALL those supplements.

I do recommend that everyone start Skinade for a minimum of 90 days.  After the 90 days, some of my clients have chosen to consume Skinade every day, and some of chosen to consume every other day and they feel the results have been able to be maintained.

I am thinking of putting together an event about Skinade.  The local rep, Christy aka science nerd, will do a 30 minute seminar on the science behind Skinade and then you can decide if it is something you are interested in trying?  Who would be interested in attending?  Please email me if you are interested with a preference for day of week and time of day that would be easiest for you to attend.  [email protected] or you can reach me on Facebook or call the office at 813-658-3600.

Cheers to Skinade!


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