Beauty Secret Sundays – Introduction

Beauty Secret Sundays

As we embark on our new Beauty Secret Sundays, I thought I would share the reasons behind the idea.

First, I like the idea of having a commitment to all of you! I, just like many of you, need to have deadlines, commitments, and goals in place or I’ll just play with babies, puppies, and ponies all day!

Secondly, I do get asked frequently “what are your secrets to ___________?” Fill in the blank with skin, hair, fitness, wrinkles, etc. In our business we talk about beauty all the time. I do have access to all the “best” secrets. Bio for Jennifer am an educated medical professional and also as an esthetician. Plus 15 years of running a Aguiar Plastic Surgery & Medical Spabusiness.

Thirdly, to be honest, 2017 was a rough year and I neglected myself in many ways. As women (and men too), we need to make sure we take care of ourselves. Beauty and feeling good is important so we can be our best mother, wife, sister, employer, co-worker etc. When we take the time to put the effort into ourselves, everyone in our life benefits from it as we are a better version of ourselves. We can love more, give more, do better.

Fourth, it’s FUN for me. Since the idea came to me, I have enjoyed the time spent brainstorming, preparing, researching, and writing. As I have been coming up with topics, I realized I have many secrets that have nothing to do with outer beauty. Inner beauty is something we have to work on also.

I have a promise for all of you. Our Sundays spent together will be worth your time. Of course, I can talk about all the things done at Aguiar Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa, and I will. However, I will also be giving out secrets that I have no financial gain to in any way. I will always be upfront and honest about that, period. I, just like most of you, have to make a living. If you learn about a great service or product we offer, I would appreciate it very much if you chose to be a client.

Also, I would LOVE to hear your beauty secrets! Feel free to share through social media or email them to [email protected]

I’ll see you all on January 21st with the first “episode”.



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