Beauty Secret Sundays – January 21, 2018

Botox Dysport Xeomin


Today I have one of my very favorites!

The is one of the best things your can do to keep looking your best through every decade and it is better to start sooner rather than later. Cosmetic Neurotoxins, aka, Botox and Dysport. I started getting cosmetic neurotoxin treatment in my early 30’s. Now this doesn’t mean you have to go crazy and get every expression line injected every 3 months forever, but it should be in your aresenal of beauty secrets.

When talking to a friend or client about the reasons for cosmetic neurotoxins, I like to compare the skin to a piece of paper. When the paper is fresh out of a ream, its smooth, pristine, no folds or lines in the integrity of the paper. Your skin is this fresh paper before expression lines start to form.

Now take that paper and gently dogear the corner. You can still flatten the corner out and if the dogear was done very gently, the line may almost be invisble when the corner is folded out straight. This is your skin when you start to see expression lines, but the lines go away completely when you stop making the expression. This is the very BEST time to start cosmetic neurotoxins. When the skin is just starting to form expression lines, it often takes less neurotoxins to get the desired result. If we are looking at the crow’s feet of a 35 year old vs. those of a 50 year old, there is a pretty good chance the 35 year old will need less neurotoxins and that often translates to less money spent.

Now let’s take that same piece of paper and fold in half and put it in a book. Then put that book in a bookshelf that is tightly packed and take that piece of paper out after 25 years. There is going to be a deep crease in that paper that is there regardless of how long you try and press that paper flat. This is your skin after decades of expressions and sun damage. Neurotoxins will still help, but there may be other things to do in conjuction to get the desired look.

Here are some tips for getting the best, most natural look from Neurotoxins.

1. Don’t get caught up in the brand name. Botox, Dysport, and Xeomin are all neurotoxins and have all been proven to be safe and effective. How to you know which neurotoxin is best for you? Ask the injector. Most educated injectors understand all the brands and what the minute differences are between them. I often tell people it is like Coke and Pepsi. Most have a preference, but their both caffeinated colas. Your injector will likely have a preference, but the preference has more to do with simplicity of ordering products and not having products go to waste. Once a neurotoxin is reconstituted, it has to be used within a certain time frame. It’s not good for the business finances to have more than one vial reconstitutued at a time.
2. Choose your injector wisely. Not all injectors are created equal. One injector maybe a family practice doctor who is trying to add revenue to their practice and attended a weekend course on how to do the most basic injections. Another injector may be a nurse practioner who has attended a weekend course and/or learned from a physician. Most often the BEST injectors are board certified plastic surgeons. Plastic surgeons go through rigorous training and have seen all the muscles in the face first hand as they have done surgery one them. Plastic surgeons also tend to be creative and artistic by nature. It’s their job to move, mold and reconstruct the tissues.
3. Go back for follow up so the injector can see the results. You won’t have to go back everytime for follow up, but it is best if you do for the initial injection and/or if a new area is done. Follow up is key to getting the natural look you want. Often times the patient thinks everything looks great, but the injector may see an area that needs to be tweaked for the optimal results.
3. Stay with the same injector. Ideally, it would be best to start a relationship with an injector and have them forever. Often times patients will shop around for the best price, Groupon, or specials and not understand that each injector is not created equal. I see patients all the time that decided to go to the Groupon injector before the holidays to save money and then won’t have thier picture taken at any holiday events because their eyebrows are uneven. Saving $25 isn’t worth that stress.
4. Take a break between treatments at times. One of the benefits of having the same injector is he/she may tell you to take a break from neurotoxins for a few months. What? Why? The neurotoxins cause the muscle to not work. When muscles don’t work, they atrophy. This is both good and bad. But muscles that atrophy too much can create a “plastic” look. When neurotoxins are not used for a few months, the muscles will be active and rebuild, creating a more natural, youthful look. I’m taking a break from them right now.

I hope you enjoyed the first episode. If you have any specific questions, please feel free to reach out by calling the office at 813-658-3600 or email me at [email protected]

Next Sunday we will be talking about secrets for having great looking hair!!!


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