Brotox: Growing number of men opting for Botox. But is their reason the same as women’s?


Botox for men, it’s a growing market, but is it for a different reason that their female counterparts? True, they are opting for Botox to look younger, but for their sweethearts or their employers? According to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons,  more than 385,000 men in the United States got injections last year. That’s a 310% increase from 10 years ago!

According to an AARP public policy institute study,  two-thirds of workers between the ages of 45 and 74 say they have experienced age discrimination. It’s one of the top reasons men turn to Botox. The other, a wife or girlfriend encouraged them to do it. Atlanta GA’s John D’Angelo uses Botox as a tool of his trade. It helps this part-time actor get into character. “If I’m doing a movie role, they want me five years younger, 10 years younger, 15 years younger, then I have that flexibility,” he told 11Alive.  Now in his 40s, John started getting Botox a few years ago, for him, looking and feeling good go together.

According to an article in Men’s Fitness “Men feel increasingly pressured to maintain a more attractive and youthful look in a highly competitive job market,” says lead study author Whitney Bowe, MD, assistant medical director for cosmetic and laser services at Advanced Dermatology P. C. in Ossining, New York. The study points out that a youthful appearance allows men and women to generate more revenue than their older looking peers, which is an important asset in a leaner workforce. “And if you are out of work, it can give you an edge in finding a new job.”

The pressure to look younger has an effect on both sexes these days, albeit may be for different reasons. The truth remains that anyone, no matter what stage of life they are at, can feel compelled to look younger than they are. In some cases people elect to have Botox for health reasons ie: overactive muscles that need to relax (headaches, bladder etc.) In other cases it’s because they still feel very young and want the way they look to reflect that. But as this article indicates, it now also includes career based reasons as well.

Recently 10 News Tampa Bay Sarasota interviewed a “Brotox” patient.  Dave Green recently got his first series of Botox injections. He is not the kind of man you’d expect to see undergoing a cosmetic procedure. But at 65, the former Buccaneers kicker noticed some changes he didn’t like.

“You look at the reflection in the window or in a mirror and go, ‘How did my dad get here,'” said Green.

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