Celebrities Weigh In on the Importance of Sunscreen


Part Two of Our Summer Skin Safety Series

Think tanning adds to that beautiful, healthy glow? Think again. Some of today’s most beautiful women know that staying out of the sun helps keep skin young-looking and helps reduce the risk of skin cancer.

“I’m a massive believer in sunblock. Massive…I wear sunblock in the winter, when it’s rainy and gray out—all the time. And not just SPF 15; I wear 50. Five-Zero.” -Charlize Theron

“Protect yourself from the sun and drink water.” -Brooke Shields

“I say this to every young person I know. Stay out of the sun! I have very fair skin and it would have been super-damage. I always wear sunscreen and I walk on the shady side of the street.” -Julianne Moore

“My grandmother had skin cancer, so she has taught me to wear [sun protection] factor 30 sun cream every day. I even carry an umbrella if I walk in the sunshine.” -Anne Hathaway

So take a cue from these celebrities. Protect your skin and, in the words of the Skin Cancer Foundation, Go With Your Own Glow

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