SESHA Skin Therapy


Everyone knows that we need to take care of our skin. But does anyone really know why?

The skin is the largest organ in the human body; just like we need to take care of other organs like the heart and the brain, the skin is what protects us from outside elements, and the skin needs to be taken care of as well.


SESHA is one of the skincare lines Aguiar Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa carry. It is scientifically proven that their products penetrate deeper into the skin for a better result.

The PET Delivery technology SESHA uses solubilizes the active ingredients and temporarily modifies the permeability of the skin.

Therefore, when large-molecule active ingredients are combined with PET, they are able to pass through the skin cell barrier to reach the deeper layers below the epidermis.

This provides you with the full benefits of each individual ingredient.

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