The “Reality” of Being a Plastic Surgery Wife

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The new Reality TV show Plastic Wives on TLC is a far cry from REALITY.  I reluctantly set the DVR last night and watched it this morning before work, justifying the time as “research”.

First, let me say, that only ONE of the four is actually married to a board certified plastic surgeon.  One is married to a gynecologist, one to a cosmetic dentist, and the last is an ex-wife of a plastic surgeon.  The ex-wife and the plastic surgeon still run their business together.  Weird!  Reality…..he can’t afford to get rid of her.

Concern #1

While TLC is trying to “entertain” their viewers, my number one concern is that the viewers watching may think that all wives of male plastic surgeons are superficial, vain, manipulative, mean girls.

Recently, I attended The Meeting in New Orleans for the ASPS.  Out of the hundreds of wives attending the meeting, I maybe saw a dozen that looked and acted like these ladies.  The vast majority of wives of plastic surgeons, are very accomplished people who have real educations and careers.  Now, maybe the women in the show are also very accomplished with real careers and education, but its certainly hard to know with the insulting spin TLC created with the show.

Concern #2

How much is too much?  The show covers how much cosmetic surgery each of the wives have had.  All I can say is wwwwaaaaayyyyyy too much.  I was appalled that the one wife was telling her very young children at breakfast that morning.  UGH!  And she minimized the tummy tuck she had done as a “hernia repair”.  REALLY?!?!  If you are having a tummy tuck, just say you are having a tummy tuck.  Isn’t that the premise of the show?

The one “ex-wife” is very overdone.  I would love to see a “before picture” of her.  I am betting that she looked nothing like her current self.  Her daugher was beautiful.  If she looked like her daughter, she should have stayed that way.

Do wives of plastic surgeons have cosmetic procedures or surgery? Yes!  But they don’t have a procedure room in their house!  I don’t know how they even have the time to recouperate from all that surgery.  I’ve wanted a tummy tuck since having my twins 10 years ago, but can’t find the time to be down for 2 weeks.  Oh yeah, I have a real job and work everyday.

The “Reality”

My views may seem harsh to some, but I write this out of respect and concern for the way the public may look at myself or the wives of plastic surgeons.

As the wife of a plastic surgeon, I would never be on this show or advocate what
this show appears to be about. While I love the benefits of being married to a
board certified plastic surgeon, I also love the “natural” beauty I was born
with and the minor procedures to help maintain and age gracefully and

The other wives I know personally feel the same way.  They do not live on the OR table and would not want to be on this show.  While they are very supportive of their husband’s profession, they are all successful, energetic, professional women who contribute much to society.  A little to “real” for Reality TV.

Not sure if I can force myself to watch this show again, but if I do, it will only be for “research” purposes.

I have enjoyed being a contributing writer for Aguiar Plastic Surgery and hope to do so again in the future.

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