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  • 04Jan

    Here is another article to remind us we should always know who is performing our cosmetic procedures and make sure they are truly qualified. Don’t be fooled by “paid for” board certifications. Plastic Surgery should be performed by a physician who is Board Certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery and a member of … Continue reading Limited training among some cosmetic surgery doctors worries state officials

  • 17Dec

    Celebrities may be kicking the natural push recently and heading back to plastic surgery… Check this article out …

  • 03Dec

    Every year, nearly 5 million reconstructive plastic surgery procedures are performed in the United States. Many of them are life-changing for patients and for the surgeons themselves. To better illustrate what types of state-of-the-art procedures are being done every day, ASPS created the Reconstructing Lives Blog, which gives members the opportunity to share their compelling … Continue reading Patient Stories: Reconstructing Lives Patient Stories: Reconstructing Lives

  • 22Nov

    Lynn Shapiro, 59, of Bridgeton, N.J., has no idea how much she has spent on twice-a-year facial injectables in the past few years, and she’s not interested in finding out. She just knows that she likes the way she looks and is thrilled about the way she feels. “Whatever I’m spending,” she says, “it’s worth … Continue reading Use of facial fillers on the rise as alternative to plastic surgery

  • 18Nov

    Most of us have heard about the new Full Body Scanners being used at several airports and the controversy surrounding this hot topic. The arguments range from concerns about privacy to health issues. Here is another question: Will this new technology pose problems for those travelers who have had any type of plastic surgery procedure? … Continue reading Do Plastic Surgery procedures pose a problem with the New Full Body airport Scanners?

  • 12Nov

    EUGENE, Ore. – The Pacifc Northwest has one of the highest rates of breast cancer in the country: one in seven women will be diagnosed with the disease. When the disease requires a surgeon to remove a woman’s breasts in a procedure known as a masectomy, however, nothing requires the surgeon to talk to the … Continue reading Breast cancer: ‘The plastic surgeon needs to be part of the cancer team’

  • 12Nov

    On February 17, 2002, Devin was on his way to becoming a suicide statistic. Due to a variety of family issues, the then-twenty-three year-old took the Winchester 12-gauge shotgun given to him on his 16th birthday, checked then closed the barrel, and placed it under his chin. He never heard the blast. Whether due to … Continue reading Patients of Courage: The Untold Stories

  • 02Nov

    What does 72-year-old screen legend Jane Fonda see when she looks in the mirror? “Good work!” the age-defying actress told Oprah Winfrey in a revelatory hour on her talk show Oct. 27. Fonda revealed that, after famously swearing off getting any more plastic surgery in 2000, she decided to go under the knife this year … Continue reading Jane Fonda Talks to Oprah About Plastic Surgery, Anti-Aging Workout

  • 02Nov

    Plastic surgery is becoming increasingly popular with seniors. So says the St. Petersburg Times, in an article published in early September, 2010. The article profiles a very active, happy senior named Barbara, now 75, who works out, takes piano lessons and volunteers. A few years ago she had an eyelid lift, then more recently a … Continue reading Plastic Surgery and Seniors

  • 22Oct

    We’ve recently become a member and proud sponsor of We feel this is a great opportunity for businesses and individuals in the Tampa Bay area. We had the privilege of speaking at their recent Power of Positive event last Wednesday and meeting former Tampa Bay Buc Ryan Nece. We look forward to being a … Continue reading Aguiar Plastic Surgery joins