12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 12 of 12)


12. The BIG one….Price –We’ve saved the big one for last.  This is usually the first question patients ask when they call the office.  But honestly, it should be the last.

While everyone’s dollars have to be stretched a little further these days, you cannot base your decision for surgery on price alone!  Would you rather pay less, and have the surgeon squeeze two more patients into your surgery day, and rush through your surgery?  Or would you prefer to pay a competitive price that allows your surgeon to take his time and give you the best result possible?

There are places doing breast augmentation for a low, low price where you are one of dozens of patients that day.  There are also plenty of surgeons that will charge you a fair and competitive price and deliver to you the BEST possible results that you will be thrilled with long term.

The choice is yours! 

Dr. Aguiar is an excellent surgeon who is fair and competitive with prices.  His goal is to over deliver, and for you to be so happy you would’ve paid more!

Aguiar Plastic Surgery & Medical Spa will deliver an experience to you before, during and after your surgery that will make you want to refer your friends and family too!

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