Breast Augmentation Story


Many times patients come in to see us and are great candidates for breast augmentation however, they are very worried about surgery.

Since breast enhancement is an elective medical procedure, patients are often healthy with no medical problems.  These patients have not been to the doctor for more than an earache and have certainly not undergone general anesthesia.

Their concerns are valid and we are here to educate and inform patients about the surgical process, not just about the breast implants alone.

Did you know that breast augmentation surgery is a “bloodless” surgery in the hands of a qualified surgeon?  It’s true!  Dr. Aguiar uses advanced techniques before and during surgery so there is little to NO blood loss.  He tells patients they will lose more blood getting their blood drawn for pre-operative labs than in the actual surgery.

Did you know that Dr. Aguiar has a ZERO infection rate in his nearly 20 years of performing breast augmentation surgery?  Eleven of those years have been right here in Tampa.  Dr. Aguiar has a very specific and methodical way of handling the breast implants from the sterile packaging to the patient.  He understands this is an elective surgery and wants to ensure that any and all complications can be prevented.

Dr. Aguiar would like to show you the Photographic Story of Breast Agumentation Surgery.  Each picture describes a portion of the surgery from start to finish.

We hope you enjoy it and find it helpful to set your mind at ease!

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