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Breast Augmentation and Cup Size

Women from all walks of life seek breast augmentation for many different reasons; breast tissue asymmetry, small breasts, breast size, weight loss, pregnancy, breast feeding, genetics and many more reasons. The most common request, regardless of the surgery, is “I’d like to be a C-Cup?”

When women come to our office seeking breast augmentation, when asked what they would like to have for a result, the most common answer is they want to look proportional and they think that means a C-Cup bra after surgery.

A C-Cup bra is different from one bra brand to another.

A C-Cup bra from Victoria’s Secret is going to be very different than one made by Soma. You will find even styles will affect cup size. A woman may need a C-Cup in a demi bra, but a B-cup in a full coverage. There is not a standard for bra cup-sizing system.

Looking “proportional” varies from woman to woman.

Think of proportion as a “look” not a cup size. For a woman who is 5 feet tall and small frame, a much smaller implant is used to get the same “proportional look” than a woman that is 5’8” tall with a larger frame.

Breast Implants are not one size fits all.

Breast implants are available with MANY different sizing options. The most important measurement/dimension in breast augmentation surgery is the base width, not the CC’s. When women are consulting with us for breast augmentation, often the first measurement taken is the base width of the breast. This measurement is taken from one side of the breast to the other with a caliper. A breast may be 12.4 cm, or 14.1 cm. The base width is extremely important and provides an “outline” for the implant. Selecting a breast implant with base width slightly less than breast size would likely create a “B-look”. An implant that matches the breast in base width is likely to create a “C-look”. An implant with a larger base width than breast is likely to create a “D-look”. Another way to look at this is an implant with 14 cm base width would likely create a “D or DD-look” in a breast with a 12 cm base width, but a nice “C-look” in a breast with a base width of 13.8 cm.

Your plastic surgeon doesn’t have to possess a “Superhero Power” to produce the look you want.

He/She just needs to listen. After more than 20 years of breast augmentation surgery, there is one thing we know. Women know what they want! It is our job to listen carefully to determine if there is a match between the look they want and what we can create. Our patients often tell us, “All the time I spent worrying about the size before surgery created unnecessary stress. Dr. Aguiar picked the perfect size!”

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