It’s not just about eyes, thighs, and bigger breasts


The “Other” side of plastic surgery is actually the “Original” side of plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery has been performed for 100’s of years.  The word plastic means “capable of being molded or modeled.”  Human tissue is considered to be “plastic” as it can be molded or modeled.  The definition of plastic surgery is “surgery done to repair, restore, or improve lost, injured, defective, or misshapen body parts.”

 Many people assume that plastic surgeons focus only on aesthetic procedures like eyelids, liposuction, and breast augmentation.  The reality is that Dr. Joseph Aguiar, and other members of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons, perform a significant number of reconstructive surgeries that result from injury, illness, or birth defect. 

Dr. Aguiar is especially passionate about performing reconstructive surgery for women who have suffered from breast cancer.  In fact, there are some plastic surgeons in the Tampa Bay area that do not do reconstructive breast surgery.  Some surgeons stop providing the service due to low insurance reimbursements.  Other surgeons may feel more comfortable with less complicated surgeries.Providing care for women going through breast cancer is a very complicated process.  The physicians, oncologist, general surgeon, and plastic surgeon, must collaborate to develop a treatment plan.  Very often, the surgeons will choose to operate on the patient together.  This is called “immediate” reconstruction.  Some women will require “delayed” reconstruction as she may need the mastectomy first, chemotherapy and radiation second, and finally reconstruction.  Some women will only need one surgery.  In this instance the general surgeon and plastic surgeon operate together, providing the patient with mastectomy and fully reconstructed breast(s) in one day. 

At Aguiar Plastic Surgery in Tampa, Florida, all patients receive Dr. Aguiar’s expert knowledge and surgical skills.  The office staff and medical team work together seamlessly to provide the reconstructive option best suited for each woman.  We have all heard the phrase, “it takes a village to raise a child”, and it also takes a village to navigate a woman through breast cancer diagnosis, surgery, and treatment.

Surgeons who provide breast reconstruction do so because they love it.  Dr. Aguiar feels that every woman deserves to LOOK and FEEL just as good after surgery as she did before surgery.  Many women tell us their breast(s) look better after the reconstruction than before. Now that’s a compliment.  🙂

Being diagnosed with breast cancer is something a woman never wants have in their life.  But if she is faced with it, she deserves the best care available. 

Dr. Aguiar’s patients love to share their experiences and results.  Please watch Debra’s Story.  She is an extremely happy to have Dr. Aguiar with her through breast cancer. 

You can find more stories of patient’s whose lives were impacted by plastic surgeons at ASPS Patients of Courage.

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