New Developments in Breast Surgery

Breast Reduction Surgery

Recent developments in breast augmentation & reconstruction

Recent industry developments discussed in Cosmetic Surgery Times in breast surgery included research on the transaxillary technique (incision under the armpit) for breast implant exchange in high-risk patients, with multiple risk factors for compromised soft tissue. Reduction mammaplasties on teens are also on the rise, and perfecting the least invasive methods to long term successful surgeries.

Now, a new stem cell therapy suggests that ‘natural’ breast implants may be more feasible than we think, without the complications of traditional breast implants. The treatment is hoped to provide an increase of a full cup size to women who choose to have stem cells injected from one part of their body into their breast tissue.

This treatment is considered particularly beneficial for women who want to increase their breast size because it also can reduce stomach fat. The procedure entails removing stem cells from stomach fat and then growing the cells in the woman’s breasts. For now, researchers think the treatment will work well for an increase of one cup size, although they are hopeful that as they learn more about how to ensure the treatment is successful, greater gains will be possible eventually.

Efforts are being made to standardize the way women diagnosed with breast cancer in the Netherlands are offered reconstructive surgery. In some hospitals women are not offered reconstructive surgery immediately after an operation at all, while in others breast reconstruction is a standard part of the treatment plan.

Patients’ and doctors’ organizations have now agreed to try to standardize the approach to ensure women are properly informed about the choices they can make and their treatment. “It is often possible to carry out reconstructive surgery immediately after a breast amputation, so that the patient does not wake up ‘flat-chested’,” René van der Hulst, chairman of the plastic surgeons’ association NVPC told a Dutch broadcaster. Research shows that reconstruction reduces the psychological, social and sexual problems which arise from losing a breast.

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