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  • 23Nov

    An interesting trend in cosmetic surgery is couples having surgery done together. It used to be that wives or husband would come in and say they didn’t want their significant other to know they were having “work” done. But recently there’s been an uptick in husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends going through the process together. It makes sense … Continue reading Couples Cosmetic Surgery

  • 01Nov

    Beware of the “White Coat Syndrome”.   You may have read my blog post, “Be Smart About Liposuction” and if you didn’t you should.  In that article, I stated “just because a doctor has an “MD”, labcoat, liposuction machine, and billboard does not make them qualified, much less an expert in Liposuction.”  Well guess what, it’s … Continue reading What You Should Know Before You Have Plastic Surgery

  • 27Oct

    Today on Good Morning America, there was a story about a woman that had her breast implants removed and replaced with new implants.  After the second surgery, she had a symmastia, otherwise known as “uniboob”.  Symmastia after breast augmentation is an undesirable result which occurs when implants come to close to the midline of the … Continue reading “Uniboob” is extremely rare.

  • 25Oct

    Vertical Tampa Bay recently celebrated their 2nd Anniversary with a fabulous, sweet, artistic event at the Florida Museum of Photographic Art.  The event was also the premier for Leslie Joy Original. Take a look at the video and find out what “Vertical” means to me.

  • 12Oct

    In response to recent reports of issues and even deaths resulting from plastic surgery, The American Society of Plastic Surgeon has launched a patient safety campaign to inform the public of the dangers of having cosmetic procedures performed by unqualified or under-qualified doctors. What is a Plastic Surgeon? Of particular concern to the organization is … Continue reading American Society of Plastic Surgeons Launches Educational Campaign

  • 03Oct

    Too often in this busy, busy world we forget to take time and thank those that we appreciate.  A simple “Thank You” is often forgotten.  Dr. Aguiar, myself, and staff decided to stop, take a moment and let our clients know how much we appreciate them.  On September 20, 2011, Aguiar Plastic Surgery hosted a … Continue reading Aguiar Plastic Surgery Appreciates It’s Clients

  • 21Sep

    While most people elect to have plastic surgery In their 50s there is a rising number of people opting to improve their appearance in their 60s, 70s and even 80s. Americans are living longer and are more active. Additionally, medical breakthroughs mean that people enjoying an unprecedented quality of life as they age. It stands … Continue reading Plastic Surgery: Never Too Old

  • 26Aug

    A recent study by the ISAPS shows an alarming increase in complications from surgeries performed abroad by doctors who are not certified by established medical boards.

  • 11Aug

    How’s your knowledge of anti-aging? How about plastic surgery? These quizzes, compliments of WebMD are a fun way to test what you know, and to learn a little more about various health and beauty topics. We hope you enjoy them. Click the links below to test your knowledge of: Cosmetic Surgery Anti-Aging

  • 29Jun

    It is exciting that our industry continues to change and improve.  In the next few years, the Autologous and Stem Cell enriched products are going to be researched, studied, and developed.  I have to say that I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the before and after photos here.  I think you can get a much better … Continue reading FDA Okays First Autologous Filler for Smile Lines