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Plastic Surgery Information

  • 10Jan

    Everyone has a lot of questions about plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures! As a consumer, it can be very difficult to navigate through all the information. Which doctor is most qualified, where does surgery take place, and what is the cost. Our goal with this report is to answer some of those burning questions. Over … Continue reading 12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 1 of 12)

  • 01Oct

    We are very excited to have the “official” Grand Opening of our Westchase office.  See details below and hope to see you there! New Location in Westchase 12015 Whitmarsh Lane Tampa, FL 33626 813-658-3600 The holidays are just around the corner and we want you to Look and Feel your BEST!! Join us for our … Continue reading GRAND OPENING!!

  • 28Sep

    For the past several weeks I have been watching people on facebook and the media taking sound bites from both Mitt Romney and Barack Obama and using them completely out of context.  Today, I have a new appreciation for their frustration. I was just given a copy of Star magazine in which I was quoted … Continue reading Tummy-tuck immediately after c-section? Not recommended!

  • 28Aug

    Either the economy is getting better, or we just don’t care and want to look better again.  There was just an article in the Miami Herald about medical spa services and buyer beware.  Dr. Leo McCafferty, a plastic surgeon and the president of the American Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery had some great insight and … Continue reading Medical Spas Services On The Rise…….Again

  • 19Jan

    Believe it or not, earlobes are a subject for consultations in our office frequently.  The type of clients vary from all walks of life and all types of earlobe issues.  Here’s a quick list of the types of earlobe issues Dr. Aguiar has treated. Tears- This type of injury to the earlobe often happens whe the … Continue reading Ear Lobe Repair

  • 09Jan

    Botox…microdermabrasion…fillers…laser treatments. Are you confused by the seemingly endless number of non-surgical cosmetic procedures? Check out this slideshow from WebMD for a primer on the various options available. Includes before and after photos of popular anti-aging cosmetic procedures. Non-Surgical Facial Procedures Slideshow

  • 23Nov

    An interesting trend in cosmetic surgery is couples having surgery done together. It used to be that wives or husband would come in and say they didn’t want their significant other to know they were having “work” done. But recently there’s been an uptick in husbands/wives, boyfriends/girlfriends going through the process together. It makes sense … Continue reading Couples Cosmetic Surgery

  • 01Nov

    Beware of the “White Coat Syndrome”.   You may have read my blog post, “Be Smart About Liposuction” and if you didn’t you should.  In that article, I stated “just because a doctor has an “MD”, labcoat, liposuction machine, and billboard does not make them qualified, much less an expert in Liposuction.”  Well guess what, it’s … Continue reading What You Should Know Before You Have Plastic Surgery

  • 27Oct

    Today on Good Morning America, there was a story about a woman that had her breast implants removed and replaced with new implants.  After the second surgery, she had a symmastia, otherwise known as “uniboob”.  Symmastia after breast augmentation is an undesirable result which occurs when implants come to close to the midline of the … Continue reading “Uniboob” is extremely rare.

  • 25Oct

    Vertical Tampa Bay recently celebrated their 2nd Anniversary with a fabulous, sweet, artistic event at the Florida Museum of Photographic Art.  The event was also the premier for Leslie Joy Original. Take a look at the video and find out what “Vertical” means to me.