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  • 07Jun

    Plastic surgery for children….. even before hearing the arguments most of us would immediately answer; “It’s ridiculous!” “It’s wrong!” But there are many parents who feel it will help their children live a happier life. But is this a trend that is pushed by plastic surgeons who are setting aside their morals in order to … Continue reading Going Too Far…..?

  • 26May

    Dr. Aguiar of Aguiar Plastic Surgery in Tampa Florida talks about the best sites for plastic surgery information.

  • 11Feb

    The Today Show did a really nice job presenting “Mommy Makeovers.”  These were women who were diligent with diet and exercise and just needed some help from their plastic surgeon.  I don’t often compliment the media regarding the info they put out there about plastic surgery, but this was well done.  Take a look at … Continue reading Mommy Makeovers

  • 10Feb

    The “Other” side of plastic surgery is actually the “Original” side of plastic surgery.  Plastic surgery has been performed for 100’s of years.  The word plastic means “capable of being molded or modeled.”  Human tissue is considered to be “plastic” as it can be molded or modeled.  The definition of plastic surgery is “surgery done … Continue reading It’s not just about eyes, thighs, and bigger breasts

  • 09Feb

    Doctor’s medical assistant says, “Mrs. Jones, the Doctor is ready to suck your blood.  Well not exactly, but they will draw your blood.  There has been media frenzy in Tampa regarding the “Vampire Facelift.”  If movies like Twilight, Vampire Diaries, and television show, Being Human, weren’t so hot, the Vampire Facelift would probably be called … Continue reading Vampire Facelift

  • 07Feb

    Are you ready for the next milestone moment?  Parents are get excited to see their child reach the next milestone in development.  Children want to fly through their milestones….elementary school, middle school, high school, driver’s license, graduation, college etc.  We all have milestone moments in life.  Milestone moments can be happy, sad, or a mixture of … Continue reading Milestone Moments

  • 31Jan

    More and more patients are searching for their doctors via the “World Wide Web”.  Now when you search for a physician online you are more likely to find a website that “grades” physicians such as  If a patient searches for their physician from one of these sites, they are also likely “grade” their physician.  … Continue reading Dr. Aguiar Awarded Patients’ Choice Award

  • 19Jan

    Often, I feel like a “One Woman Crusade” trying to educate the public about Non-Plastic Surgery Physicians doing Plastic Surgery.  This article, while a little dramatic, covers all the bases.  This article talks about “Fake Boards and Societies” that physicians pay to be a part of to attract patients.  It also talks about the fact … Continue reading Finally, A Major News Story About My Passion

  • 14Jan

    The media often reports Plastic Surgery Tragedies such as the death of Donda West, mother of hip-hop star Kanye West or the mother of 3 who died after getting liposuction.  However, what is not reported are the millions of people who have gotten plastic surgery and are happy and healthy. Here are six points to consider … Continue reading Safety First: Six Points to Consider Before Surgery

  • 12Jan

    A commonly asked question is “Can breast augmentation be performed under local anesthesia?”  The answer is yes, but is it the best option for you? If we look back into the history of the operation, as surgical techniques have changed, so have the anesthetic practices. In the 1960′s and 1970′s, breast augmentation positioned the implant beneath the … Continue reading Is Awake Breast Augmentation the Best Option?