12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 1 of 12)


Everyone has a lot of questions about plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures! As a consumer, it can be very difficult to navigate through all the information. Which doctor is most qualified, where does surgery take place, and what is the cost. Our goal with this report is to answer some of those burning questions.

Over the next few posts, we will be discussing these items.  All are equally important, so stay tuned!!

1. Artistry & Expertise – When you consider cosmetic procedures one of the key elements is your surgeon’s ability and artistry. You’ve heard the saying “Just because you have a hammer doesn’t mean you can build a house”. Never is that more realistic than when you are having cosmetic procedures done.

Also, having a cosmetic surgery is not like buying a product off the shelf at a retail store.  You are purchasing the surgeon’s expertise, artistry, bedside manner, and philosophy of service.  You can’t put those things in a box on a shelf.

Dr. Aguiar is one of Florida’s best plastic surgeons and his patients testify to his ability to develop natural and beautiful results. As you make these kinds of changes in your life you want to have amazing results without any regrets!  Also, Dr. Aguiar is a hand surgeon, one of the most demanding skills in the industry. Dr. Aguiar has 20 years of experience knowing what procedure will be the healthiest, safest, and most appropriate for your desired results. Dr. Aguiar has also consistently won Patient’s Choice Award and US News & World Report’s Top Doctor Award year after year. Only 1% of plastic surgeons receive the Patient’s Choice Award and 5% of plastic surgeons receive Top Doctors Award.

Dr. Aguiar offers in-person consultations.  Schedule today by calling 813.400.1949

Please Note:  Dr. Aguiar’s office has moved to 12015 Whitmarsh Lane, Tampa, FL 33626

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