12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 10 of 12)


10. Location-Location-Location – While it may be tempting to travel to the next city or another country for less expensive plastic surgery, having your surgeon nearby ready to answer all of your concerns is PRICELESS.

Can you imagine having surgery in the morning, traveling 3 hours home after surgery only to feel that there is abnormal swelling?  If your surgeon were nearby, you could quickly be seen to determine if there is a problem or not.  Instead, you are left to worry all night or end up going to the ER.

Now, the amount you saved on surgery by traveling to the cheaper doctor is far less than what it costs to be seen in the ER.

Also, “destination vacation surgery” may seem like a great idea, but for many patients recovering from surgery is far from a vacation.  Most patients prefer to recover at home or with family, not in a hotel room.

Dr. Aguiar is always available to his patients day or night, weekday or weekend, regular day or holiday.  Your comfort and safety is his #1 priority.

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