12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 2 of 12)


Hopefully everyone had a safe and fun weekend.  Today, we are talking about hospital privileges.

2. Hospital Privileges – Does your doctor have Hospital Privileges for Plastic Surgery?   Many of those practicing cosmetic and plastic surgery do not have hospital privileges at all or might have them in other disciplines outside of plastic surgery. When doing any kind of surgery you want to be in a safe place.

To obtain hospital privileges in Plastic Surgery, the hospital will perform an independent and thorough background check to ensure the surgeon has the proper training and experience to perform plastic surgery. You often don’t get this when a procedure is done at an office.

A doctor performing surgery and procedures in their own office can do any procedure/surgery even without appropriate training, there’s no one looking.  In-office surgery can be done safely if the doctor has he appropriate training and has hospital privileges for that surgery.  You can call any hospital or surgery center and verify the privileges of any surgeon on staff.

Dr. Aguiar has plastic surgery privileges at 3 hospitals, Tampa General Hospital, Memorial Hospital, and Town and Country Hospital.  He also has privileges at Tampa Bay Surgery Center,  a fully accredited outpatient surgery center in Tampa, Florida.

This may not seem important now, but if you have a complication and need hospital care, it will be very important!

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