12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 6 of 12)


6. ALWAYS see the Surgeon– Always see the surgeon on your initial visit. The surgeon is the only one who can really evaluate you and how to best achieve your goals. See the surgeon before you even ask for pricing. Otherwise, you’ll end up not getting what you need and paying for something that will not be right for you. A staff member who just gives you a price, without seeing the surgeon, is not qualified to give you any advice and legally shouldn’t.

Many times a practice will have you see the office manager or patient coordinator for your initial consultation.  If you are still interested in the procedure (and can afford it), then you will get to see the surgeon.  The problem with this is that the procedure you want may not be the best for you.  ONLY the surgeon can determine this.  Dr. Aguiar sees EVERY patient EVERY time.  He even has a formula to help patient’s achieve their goals.

He calls it the 4 R’s.

  • Right Patient + Right Procedure + Realistic Expectations = Great Results

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