2015 Cosmetic Surgery Trends (Series- part 4 of 6)


Fat Grafting- The Wave to Ride in the Future!

Fat grafting, which is the transfer of fat from one part of your body to another, is, and will continue to be a huge and hot topic in 2015. Its sounds too good to be true right? Taking fat from an area in your body you don’t want it to be, and putting into another area that will make you look thinner and younger! Who wouldn’t want that?

The growth of this procedure is due in part to refinements in the latest harvesting techniques. But even more exciting, and the real game changer is the discovery of the importance stem cells are adding to the results! Research on the power of stem cells and growth factors found in fat will make huge strides in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Doctors hope to soon be able to provide patients with better, longer lasting results from plastic or reconstructive surgeries with the help of stem-cell enriched fat grafts, Medical News Today reports.  According to reports, the stem cell connection is the key and they have the results to prove it!

In a study published in The Lancet, researchers compared the results of 10 people who received normal fat grafts with 10 people who received grafts enriched with stem cells derived from body fat tissues. They found that the grafts that were enriched with fat-derived stem cells retained 80.9 percent of their volume, compared to the standard grafts which retained only 16.3 percent of their volume. After four months, patients with the stem cell grafts also demonstrated higher amounts of newly formed connective tissues, Medical News Today reported.

The procedure could be very effective at improving results for patients undergoing major tissue augmentation surgeries, such as breast reconstruction in cancer patients. Scientists say that the first randomized human trial using stem-cell enriched fat grafts for reconstructive surgery shows that the procedure is safe, reliable and effective. The procedure could become central to plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Dr. Stig-Frederik Trojahn Kølle, of Copenhagen University Hospital and author of the study, says: “These promising results add significantly to the prospect of stem cell use in clinical settings and reconstructive surgery “could be revolutionized.” He goes on to say that; “stem-cell enriched fat grafting might prove to be an attractive alternative to major tissue augmentation, such as breast reconstruction after cancer or major tissue flap surgery, with fewer side effects and more satisfying cosmetic results.” So while fat grafting is not a new procedure, it is becoming more effective and a better alternative for people seeking cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. It just makes sense.

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