Patients die during medical procedures performed by unlicensed person.


So, it’s Wednesday and I arrive to work in a frazzled state after battling unusually bad traffic and the DMV.

I sit down at my desk to start the day and the first thing in my email box is a news story regarding the trial of Padge Victoria Windslowe for the murder of a young 20 year old woman.  Ms. Windslowe is accused of killing this woman during a medical procedure at an airport hotel that involved industrial-grade silicone and Krazy Glue.  These underground unlicensed medical procedures are also known as “pumping parties and take place all over the country, including Tampa, FL.

As I read the article and the quotes provided by Ms. Windslowe, my heart rate and blood pressure are rising.  I ask myself, what “kind” of person does such horrible things to other people?

I am not a psychologist or a psychiatrist.  I don’t claim to be an expert in the human psyche or diseases.  Sure seems to me that there have to be a few issues going on with Ms. Windslowe to be able to put other people at risk for her own financial gain.

The trial is expected to last several weeks.  The judge said that jurors must ultimately decide “the degree of recklessness” Windslowe assumed when they weigh third-degree murder, manslaughter and other charges.

I sure hope the prosecutors have all their “ducks in a row” and the jury finds that Ms. Windslowe acted under the “highest degree of recklessness” when she performed these unlicensed medical procedures.

The super scary part of this story is that Ms. Windslowe is not the only person performing medical procedures in these circumstances.  Think about this.  In the state of Florida, doctors are licensed to practice and must designate the geographical locations in which they will offer their services.  If a doctor has 2 locations or 4 locations, he/she must provide the state with the addresses of each location.  Physician Assistants (PA) and Nurse Practitioners (ARNP) must provide the physician that is directly supervising them, thus creating where they will be providing services.  There is a very distinct criteria that allows a doctor to have a license that allows for “mobile services”.  Very few MD, PA, & ANRP actually have a license that allows them to be mobile and practice outside of their named geographical locations.

So the next time you are invited to your friend’s house for a “Botox party” or a “pumping party”, think about this story.

A couple of weeks ago a patient came into the office to see Dr. Aguiar.  She has been a client for many years often getting Restylane and Botox.  She was invited to her friend’s house for a “party” in Westchase, Florida.  At the party, there was a very handsome, “knowledgeable” PA who was offering Botox and Juvederm at a great discounted rate.  She initially said “No thank you.” But after a couple glasses of wine and some peer pressure she said, “Why not?  I’ve had this done before. It’s no big deal.”

The handsome PA happily took her credit card and injected with both Botox and Juvederm.  The next morning, my patient looked in the mirror and was not happy with what she saw.  She immediately called the handsome PA and got a voicemail.  She waited all day, calling numerous times but never an answer nor a call back.  The following day she called our office to see if Dr. Aguiar could “fix” the injections.  She has seen Dr. Aguiar numerous times since her “botched injections”.  Unfortunately, there is no “fix” other than time.  The areas were injected incorrectly and there is nothing that can be done that would not make things worse, simple as that.

This patient is so upset with herself.  She said, “I KNEW BETTER! I can’t believe I did this!”

Unfortunately, this is just a very recent and mild experience with a patient.  I have seen the buttock injection and medical tourism disaster patients also.  In many cases it is just truly a disaster that can NEVER be fixed.  People become disabled, depressed, divorced, suicidal, and DEAD from making poor decisions regarding medical procedures.  And YES, a cosmetic procedure is a medical procedure.

There is no “FAST, EASY & CHEAP” way to get good medical care and cosmetic procedures.  Please make your decisions wisely.

You can read the full article about Ms. Windslowe by clicking here.

All My Best,

Jennifer – Patient Advocate

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