Dr. OZ Got It Right (Part II of III)


2.  Silicone Injections into the Lips: Seems like a simple fix… relatively inexpensive injection and those lips will be larger forever.  At least, that’s what people were told.  A small number of doctors, who are not plastic surgeons, and even some wannabe docs, inject silicone to plump up those kissers.  For a short period of time the lips look great, but the body sees silicone as foreign as a splinter. You’ll get a cold or flu, the immune system goes into over drive and starts to encase the silicone with scar tissue.  The results are hard, lumpy, deformed lips.  It can even be difficult to speak.

The only way to “fix” this problem is to have the silicone and scar tissue removed.  This is the surgery that Lisa Rhinna recently had done.  It is a very delicate surgery that should only be performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon that has experience with this specific issue.  Many plastic surgeons will not even attempt to perform the operation.

Dr. Aguiar has helped clients overcome this issue many times before.

  • These pictures are of a beautiful woman that had silicone injected into her lips.  She reports, “They looked great for about two years.”  Then she got the flu and her lips became very hard, lumpy, and were very difficult to move for eating, drinking, and speaking.  She also has a job where “face-to-face” meetings were a necessity.  She really began to feel it was affecting her career.
  • Dr. Aguiar recommended a series of steroid injections first.  The purpose of the steroid injections was to reduce any inflammation present.  Dr. Aguiar spent many months talking to the patient to make sure she understood all the possible things that could go wrong with surgery.  The patient elected to have surgery and is thrilled with her result!!


  • A hyaluronic acid injections.  Results last from 4 months to a year and are very safe.


Patient:  30 year old female from St. Pete, FL looking for more volume in lips .

Product used:  Hyaluronic acid filler


Immediately after injection lips are slightly red and swollen. In 3 days lips will be soft and natural.

Dr. Aguiar is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and a member of the American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

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