Dr. OZ Got It Right (Part III of III)

  1.  Thread Lifts:  These procedures were popular about 5 years ago.  The sutures used in these lifts had fish-hook type of barbs that embedded into the tissue.  The threads were inserted under the skin and the “barbs” would “hook” the skin.  When the threads were pulled tight, they would lift the cheeks, jowls, brows, or neck all under local anesthesia in about an hour.  The problems with Thread Lifts were sometimes the barbs would slip or break and the tissue would fall, giving an asymmetrical look.  Imagine waking up one day and half of your face was droopy.  Other problems were infection and being able to feel the barbs under the skin.

I remember watching the local news one evening and I could tell the News Anchor had a thread lift.  She had significant droopiness of her cheeks before the thread lift.  After the thread lift, she had a funny smile that has higher on the right than the left.  Shortly after that day, I noticed she looked back to normal.  I am pretty sure she had them removed.


  • Dermal Fillers can help some for minor sagging.
  • Volumizing products is another option that helps your body create more collagen thus adding volume back to the face.
  • Facelift-The other options above are possible for minor sagging, but for moderate to severe sagging, a facelift is needed.

Dr. Aguiar performs facial rejuvenation procedures in his plastic surgery practice. 

  • Patient:  75  year old woman from Lutz, FL looking to “Look as young as I feel.”
  •  She was very unhappy with the sagging skin on her face and neck.

  • Dr. Aguiar recommended a Facelift and Neck Lift.  These pictures are 1 month after surgery.
  • Now patient states, “I look younger than I feel.”

As always, your SAFETY should be #1 in when seeking out any kind of cosmetic/plastic surgery procedure. 

Only Plastic Surgeons are trained and qualified to perform cosmetic procedures.

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