• 21Sep

    Plastic Surgery in the Golden Years Men and women of all age groups are having elective plastic surgery & cosmetic surgery, however there is a rising number of people opting to improve their appearance in their 60s, 70s and even 80s. Americans are living longer and are more active. . Additionally, medical breakthroughs mean that people enjoying … Continue reading Plastic Surgery in the Golden Years

  • 26Aug

    A recent study by the ISAPS shows an alarming increase in complications from surgeries performed abroad by doctors who are not certified by established medical boards.

  • 28Jul

    Tampa Florida Plastic Surgeon Dr. Aguiar with the final installment of his four-part anti-aging blog, featuring face lifts and mini lifts.

  • 18Jul

    In this third of our four-part blog, we discuss facial treatments, another effective product in the arsenal against the aging of skin. Facials not only reinvigorate the skin and help to replace lost collagen, they can also help people with chronic skin conditions like acne, oily or dry skin. Anti-Aging Products: Facials, Peels and Masks … Continue reading Anti-Aging–Part Three

  • 12Jul

    In this second of our four-part blog, we discuss dermal fillers as an option for fighting the effects of aging on skin. Anti-Aging Products: Dermal Fillers (a.k.a. Injectables and Liquid Facelifts) One way to minimize fine lines and wrinkles is to inject dermal fillers into the areas of the face where wrinkles are prevalent. These … Continue reading Anti-Aging – Part Two

  • 05Jul

    There are a myriad of anti-aging products on the market. But, what causes aging skin and what do these products actually do? Collagen beneath the skin provides volume and gives shape to your face. When we are younger, our skin is “plumper” and more elastic. At about age 30, collagen begins to break down, resulting … Continue reading Anti-Aging – Part One

  • 29Jun

    It is exciting that our industry continues to change and improve.  In the next few years, the Autologous and Stem Cell enriched products are going to be researched, studied, and developed.  I have to say that I wasn’t incredibly impressed with the before and after photos here.  I think you can get a much better … Continue reading FDA Okays First Autologous Filler for Smile Lines

  • 22Jun

    Dermal facial fillers, also known as injectables, are used to volumize the skin and promote the production of collagen. Loss of collagen as we age results in wrinkles in the skin, typically around the eyes, mouth and forehead, and contributes to making skin look older. Dermal fillers replace lost volume and smooth away moderate to … Continue reading What Are Facial Fillers?

  • 07Jun

    Plastic surgery for children….. even before hearing the arguments most of us would immediately answer; “It’s ridiculous!” “It’s wrong!” But there are many parents who feel it will help their children live a happier life. But is this a trend that is pushed by plastic surgeons who are setting aside their morals in order to … Continue reading Going Too Far…..?

  • 02Jun

    Aguiar Plastic Surgery is offering breast augmentation at a great price. Read all about it in their blog.