12 Things You Should Know Before Having Plastic Surgery (Part 11 of 12)


11. On-line Consultation Services –For many of you reading this report, you may be looking into one of the “on-line consultation services”.  Here is why this is a BAD idea.

In our research, it seems that most of the “doctors” participating with these sites DO NOT have the qualifications explained in #8.  Many of them are doctors listed out of the country.

Besides, not having the correct qualifications, the “in-person consultation” experience is very valuable for both patient and surgeon.

For a surgeon to “look” at your body thru a webcam does not compare to doing an examination.  A surgeon needs to be able to feel and touch the tissues and see how they move.  Is there enough skin to do a full abdominoplasty or just a mini?  Is there an umbilical hernia present?  If you have had breast implants before, is the tissue strong enough for a revision, or will the tissue need to reinforced with a dermal matrix product?

Only these things can be determined by seeing the surgeon in person.  If another surgeon is willing to bypass this very important step, you should be very worried.

Please realize that cosmetic & plastic surgery is a surgery that should not be taken any less seriously than having your appendix out.

Dr. Aguiar would never perform surgery on a patient that wasn’t willing to attend an in-person consultation.  It goes back to the formula in #6.

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