Aguiar Plastic Surgery Appreciates It’s Clients


Too often in this busy, busy world we forget to take time and thank those that we appreciate.  A simple “Thank You” is often forgotten. 

Dr. Aguiar, myself, and staff decided to stop, take a moment and let our clients know how much we appreciate them.  On September 20, 2011, Aguiar Plastic Surgery hosted a Customer Appreciation Event at Napa Flair in Westchase.  Vertical Tampa Bay and it’s editor Leslie Joy Ickowitz co-hosted the event also.

Aguiar Plastic Surgery was also honored to have the event covered by two of Tampa Bay’s leading Bloggers.  First, Tracy Guida, creator of My Other City By the Bay and second by, Kristin with Bon Bon Rose Girls.  Both Tracy & Kristin are fabulous writers who always have something great to say!  Please check out what they had to say about our event.

My Other City by the Bay

Bon Bon Rose Girls

Now that I have expressed appreciation to Tracy & Kristen, Luann & Leslie, let me know express my appreciation to our clients!  This event was really all about our clients.  We just really wanted to do something nice for our clients that have stuck with us through the ups and downs of the economy.  Aguiar Plastic Surgery & Essentials Med Spa has been in business for  5 1/2 years and 2 1/2 of those years have been during the recession.

Aguiar Plastic Surgery is incredibly grateful to have clients that will refer their friends and family to us.  A referral of someone you care about is the best compliment we can receive!  At this first event, we invited our “Biggest Fans”.  Every person invited has referred other clients to our business.  THANK YOU!

On September 20th we greeted our clients with a gift and some incredible wines provided by Napa Flair.  Luann Shapiro is the owner of Napa Flair and has worked in Napa Valley.  Her incredible knowledge of the wine industry, gourmet foods, and home decor is evident at Napa Flair.

Our clients really appreciated being “appreciated”.  Everyone loved the experience.  If you weren’t invited to this Appreciation Event, please know we will be hosting more in the future. 

Dr. Aguiar, myself and staff APPRECIATE all of you and will see you at another Appreciation Event in the very near future!


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