Do It Yourself Botox?


As cosmetic procedures become more common place, consumers start to get complacent with the need for expertise.  Botox is advertised everywhere you look.  Bus benches, bandit signs, billboards, Craigslist, etc.  Just because you can go to an Urgent Care Center, the mall, hair salon, or your friend’s house and get a cosmetic procedure done, doesn’t mean you should. 

I recently came across this article about consumers and DIY Injectables. 

  • Consumers take risks with DIY injectables
    Websites selling direct-to-consumer Botox and other injectables offer beauty on a budget, but self-administration is risky, doctors warn. “Botox has become so accessible people think they can inject it themselves,” said plastic surgeon Steven Davis. “The truth is it requires sophistication to know how to reconstitute it, how to inject it and how much to use.” Courier-Post (Camden-Cherry Hill, N.J.) (11/21)

DIY cosmetic procedures are never a good idea.  Cosmetic Procedures should always be performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.

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