Dr. Aguiar Awarded Patients’ Choice Award


More and more patients are searching for their doctors via the “World Wide Web”.  Now when you search for a physician online you are more likely to find a website that “grades” physicians such as  If a patient searches for their physician from one of these sites, they are also likely “grade” their physician. 

It is a great compliment to a physician when their happy clients take the time to grade them.  Many of Dr. Aguiar’s clients left glowing reviews on, therefore he has been recognized as a Patients’ Choice Physician.

According to Erika Boyer, Vice President of Consumer Research, “This is an honor because over the course of 2010, hundreds of thousands of patient reviews were written and shared.  Most physicans generally receive positive feedback, only a select few consistently receive rave reviews.  In fact, of the nation’s 720,000 active phsycians, less than 6% were accorded this honor by their patients.”

Thanks to all of our patients who believe in Dr. Aguiar and what he does everyday!!!!

At Aguiar Plastic Surgery, we all strive everyday to provide the best service and results to our clients.

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