Ear Lobe Repair


Believe it or not, earlobes are a subject for consultations in our office frequently.  The type of clients vary from all walks of life and all types of earlobe issues.  Here’s a quick list of the types of earlobe issues Dr. Aguiar has treated.

  1. Tears- This type of injury to the earlobe often happens whe the ears are pierced and an earring gets pulled on accidently in a sporting activity, by clothing, or young children.  Babies and toddlers love to grab mom’s earrings!
  2. Stretching-Combine heavy earrings and gravity for many years and your earlobes can become long and stretched.  Dr. Aguiar is a pro at making your earlobes look young and perky again.  🙂
  3. Trauma-It’s amzaing to me how often ears and earlobes are injured.  At our office, we have seen inuries that result from dog bites, knife injuries, gun shots, and falls.
  4. Fashion Trends-Frequently we see young people who have decided to follow the fashion trend of purposely stretching out their earlobes by wearing plugs or discs to modify their appearance.

If you have an earlobe dilemma, don’t hesitate to call…….we have seen it all!

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