Skin-Care Quiz


The Skin is a living breathing organ that needs to be taken care of. Do you know how to take care of your skin? The more knowledge you have about skincare the more fantastic your complexion will be. Take this Skin Care Quiz to find out!

1. Acne is caused by which of the following?

A. A poor diet, especially one high in greasy foods

B. Clogged pores caused by extra sebum mixing with skin cells to attract bacteria

C. Genetics

2. How often should you wash your face?

A. Once a day, or twice of you wear makeup

B. Twice a day

C. Three times or more, depending how your skin looks throughout the day

3. Is it okay to pop a pimple?

A. Yes, If you do it the correct way

B. Never

C. Yes, only if you have an important event that you have to look your best for.

4. How often should you exfoliate your skin?

A. Everyday

B. Once every week or two

C. Never, exfoliation is too rough for the skin

5. Which is the best remedy for dry skin?

A. Use a thicker moisturizer to occlude the skin

B. Using a toner or exfoliating scrub daily to get rid of dead skin cells

C. Using a product with salicylic acid

6. What is the best kind of face wash to use?

A. Regular old bar soap

B. A gentle foaming cleanser

C. It depends on your skin type

7. What is the best way to prevent acne?

A. Wash your face daily and use preventative products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid as the active ingredient

B. There is no way to prevent acne; you can only treat a pimple when it appears.

C. Eat a healthy diet

8. How important is it to know your skin type, when it comes to the way you’ll care for it?

A. Not very important

B. Semi-Important

C. Very Important

9. What causes oily skin?

A. Your level of stress

B. Smoking

C. All of the above

10. The best daily skincare regimen should include:

A. Cleanser, serum,  and sunscreen

B. Cleanser, exfoliator,  serum, and moisturizer

C. Cleanser, eye cream, serum, moisturizer, and sunscreen


Answer Key: 

1.B    2.B    3.A    4.B    5.A    6.C    7.A    8.B    9.C    10.C


While knowing the answers to these questions is just a starting place, developing a relationship with your esthetician is key. The esthetician is there to improve the quality of your skin and make you feel comfortable and happy about how your skin looks. Make sure you check your estheticians credentials before scheduling an appointment. Different states require a certain amount of hours the esthetician needs to complete to be licensed; for example, florida requires 260 hours to be completed. You can also go to and search the estheticians name to make sure thier license is still active.

Kaitlynn Morgan, the Medical Esthetician at Aguiar Plastic Surgery and Medical Spa has far exceeded the amount of hours needed for the state of florida with 1200 hours of education. Estheticians not only should know how to perform the treatments, but should know in depth how the skin functions, contraindications, ingredients in skin care products, and anatomy and physiology of the body. This is important to know so the client will be in good hands.

It is important to trust your esthetician and build a good relationship with her, she is there to help you correct your skin and prevent aging as well.

Schedule an appointment with Kaitlynn today!


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