Temporary Breast Enlargement?!?!


There was recently an article published by NY Times that spoke of “temporary” breast augmentation.  Of course, my interest peeked for a moment, but it was just a very short moment.  Before I say anything more, I just have to say this whole thing is RIDICULOUS!

It seems women are seeking out temporary breast augmentation for special occasions such as holidays, vacations, reunions and weddings.  While it may sound good in theory, here’s the way I look at it.

  1. Another gimmick to take your money! Before this article, I had never heard of this before.  I’ve been in this industry for more than 15 years.
  2. Is it harmful? Probably not.  The body will absorb the saline in a matter of hours.
  3. Will it hurt?   You would likely experience some tenderness, bruising and stretching of the skin.  Your new husband probably won’t be happy if you have bruised and sore breasts on your first night as a married couple!
  4. Will it last? Absolutely Not!  Your body will start to absorb the saline almost immediately.  I can see this lasting a couple of hours and at the most 24 hours.
  5. Is it Practical? So picture this. You are getting ready for your class reunion.  Your hair, nails and makeup are done.  You are dressed to the 9’s.  Last stop before the reunion…….your plastic surgeon’s office for a $3500 temporary breast augmentation.  Not practical at all and I doubt you will be feeling like dancing the night away.
  6. Is it worth it? One patient in this article reported having this done twice.  That is $7k!  For that amount of money in Tampa, FL you can get a breast augmentation that includes gel implants, surgery center and anesthesia fees that will last you a decade or more.

In conclusion, I just feel this is silly!  Someone has decided to do this to create “15 minutes of fame”.  Hmmm, I guess it worked.

My Best,

Jennifer – Patient Advocate

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