Breast Cancer Walk


Aguiar Plastic Surgery was honored and excited to sponsor the Working Women of Tampa Bay “Race for the Cure” Team.  The team of 30 met early, October 2, 2010 for their 3.2 mile walk.  It was a beautiful, sunny morning and the Team was excited and ready.

This great group of women raised $3,000 for the cause and Aguiar Plastic Surgery was they Headlining Sponsor.

At Aguiar Plastic Surgery, we are not just about elective cosmetic procedures.  Dr. Aguiar participates with most major insurance plans and offers a wide range of reconstructive surgery, including Breast Reconstruction. Dr. Aguiar is often able to provide a womean with immediate reconstruction following mastectomy.  His patients feel he has a true “gift” by performing such beautiful reconstruction surgery.  Check out one of his patients talking about her journey through reconstruction.  Debra

At the end of the walk, the Working Women of Tampa Bay celebrated with some hugs and high 5’s!!!

If you are looking for a WONDERFUL, FUN group of women to network with in the Bay Area, check out Working Women of Tampa Bay.

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