Dr. Oz Finally Got It Right (Part I of III)


Finally!!  Something on Dr. Oz about plastic surgery that is accurate information!  Dr. Oz had a segment last week that featured 3 plastic surgery procedures that you should NEVER have done.  Today, I am talking about the first one.

  1. Buttock Implants-Always a bad idea.  Buttock implants are not a good idea as the body will treat the implants as a foreign body and will form scar tissue around the implants.  Therefore, buttocks will get hard and firm and be uncomfortable to sit on.  Plus, after having buttock implants, the patient cannot sit on their buttocks for several weeks during the post-op period. 
  2. Buttock Injections-I am adding this one as “Pumping Parties” are becoming more common.  A Pumping Party typically takes place in a hotel room and someone who claims to have “worked for a doctor who taught them how to do this”.  He or she will take your money and inject your buttocks with an industrial grade silicone that is toxic to the body.  Infection, tissue death, and renal failure are just some of the complications that can happen.  Many times these “Pumped Up Buttock Injections” can even cause death. 

Better ideas

  • A great work out program that incorporates Squats and other buttock exercises.
  • Brazilian Butt Lift-This procedure should only be done by an experienced Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  Fat is harvested from other parts of the body and transferred to the buttocks.  Sounds easy, but there are downfalls.  Your plastic surgeon should spend a great deal of time explaining the procedure, what to expect for an outcome, and post-op healing time.

Stay tuned.  Part II will be Wednesday and Part III will be Friday.

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