Finally, A Major News Story About My Passion


Often, I feel like a “One Woman Crusade” trying to educate the public about Non-Plastic Surgery Physicians doing Plastic Surgery.  This article, while a little dramatic, covers all the bases.  This article talks about “Fake Boards and Societies” that physicians pay to be a part of to attract patients.  It also talks about the fact that these physicians claiming to be Cosmetic Surgeons are just flat you lying to their patients!!!

My favorite part of the article is this quote “Awake surgery has become a way for doctors who lack hospital privileges—but who want to cash in on the plastic surgery market—to exploit a loophole by performing the operations in the privacy of their offices. “This is just a gimmick by people who can’t operate their way out of a wet paper bag,” Dr. Gryskiewicz argues.

I am so excited that this problem is finally getting some attention.  The AMA, State Medical  Boards, State Medical Associations need to ban together and change the regulations to protect patients.  What’s next?  Awake Open Heart Surgery in your Plastic Surgeon’s office?  Seems crazy, but Internal Medicine, Emergency Medicine and Gynecology physicians are doing breast augmentations in their office.

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