Hollywood’s More Natural Look?


WOW.  Plastic Surgery has been all over the news lately.  Yesterday, I was watching Good Morning America, and there was an entire segment about “How Hollywood is Going More Natural.”  The segment was about how the overdone, plastic look is out and a more natural look is the desired look.  Stars such as Lisa Rinna and Linda Evans have even come out talking about their plastic surgery “regrets”.  Lisa Rinna says she recently had a “lip reduction” surgery done.  Rinna stated she regretted the silicone injected into her lips more than a decade ago.  Linda Evans stated she had surgeries she regretted, but wouldn’t name which surgeries they were.

What does a plastic surgery professional think about all this buzz?  I think that the Stars are a small segment of the population that have often “overdone” their plastic surgery.  Most people who seek out plastic surgery are reasonalble people with reasonable expectations.  Most often, people really just want to enhance what they already have naturally, or restore the more youthful appearance they once had.  Most people want a “natural” look and don’t have surgery “regrets”. 

As a Patient Advocate, I always steer clients away from extreme procedures.  For instance, Silicone injected is always a BAD idea.  Many clients seen in our practice are seeking to enlarge lips through injections.  Clients are looking for a longer lasting effect and will sometimes ask about permanent fillers.  Dr. Aguiar and I always explain why permanent fillers, such as silicone, are not a good idea.  I’ll have another blog post about permanent fillers in the future.

Unfortunately for clients, not every office that offers cosmetic procedures are advocates for their clients in the same way.  Many times the practitioners performing the procedures are not plastic surgeons and are looking for the “client for the day” and not the “client for life”.  In our office, we are always looking for the client for life. 

With the invention of HDTV, I think Hollywood has no choice but to steer the public to think they are going after a more “natural” look.  On a 55″ LED TV in HD, it is impossible to not see every flaw.  Bad news for the Stars, but good news for all the fans watching.  We are realizing that those “perfect looking” people are normal people………… just like us.  🙂

Keep in mind, plastic surgery and cosmetic procedures should always be performed by a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon.  The American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS) is a great resource to help you find a qualified plastic surgeon.  And as always, Dr. Aguiar and I are here to help our clients make the best decisions for their life.

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