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It’s Friday, and supposed to be an easy Med Spa day.  Clients coming in for Botox, Dysport, dermal fillers, skin care treatments, the “fun” stuff.  It’s been a long week of Dr. Aguiar being on call, a busy surgery schedule, a very successful Open House, and lots and lots of paperwork.  I’m looking at the clock, only another hour until I pick up my daughters and take them to gymnastics.  The phone rings.  A very pleasant, but very concerned father is on the phone.  He is in a local ER with his elementary school age child.  His child had an accident at school and has a large laceration above one on his eyebrows.  The ER does not have a plastic surgeon on call.  The father is calling to find out if Dr. Aguiar would be willing to see his child and repair the laceration. 

After asking a few questions to make sure all potential medical problems have been taken care of, I told the father to bring the child to our office and go into action.  First, I have to find someone to pick up my daughters and take them to gymnastics.  One text message later, transportation is arranged.  Second, I need to get the supplies and instruments ready.  It is important to get everything ready before he arrives.  Children often get more scared seeing all of the supplies being prepared. 

About an hour later, a very scared boy walks into our office with his worried parents.  I must say, the boy was exceptionally cute.  I explained to the family that Dr. Aguiar and I are a great team working with children.  Both Dr. Aguiar and I have extensive backgrounds in pediatrics.  I explained to the boy that we have some “magic medicine” and promised him it wouldn’t hurt at all.  He didn’t believe me. 

After the parents filled out the paperwork, I took them back to the exam room and took off the ER band-aid, cleaned up the wound, took a couple of pictures and put on the “magic medicine”.  Then we had to wait for the magic medicine to work.  The child was very nervous and on the verge of tears.  He kept asking me, “how long will it take?” and “what is it going to feel like?”  I tried to put him at ease best I could by answering his questions and showing him pictures of my children on my iPhone.  I told him one of my daughters had to have stitches twice and she did great.  She said it never hurt.  He still wasn’t convinced.

Dr. Aguiar came in and determined that the laceration was deep enough to need sutures under the skin and on the surface.  The boy was so scared.  Dr. Aguiar wiped off the magic medicine and began to inject the laceration with local anesthetic.  He injected so slowly and gently, the boy never had any pain.  When the injection was over the boy seemed relieved. 

Dr. Aguiar began the meticulous procedure of putting the skin back together.  First, an absorbable suture under the skin and then with a very tiny nylon suture to close the surface of the skin.  After the laceration repair was complete, Dr. Aguiar applied antibiotic ointment and explained to the parents how to take care of the stitches for the next few days. 

Then the boy said, “that’s it?!  It didn’t hurt at all!”  I smiled gave him a little squeeze and asked, “do you want to see?”  He nodded.  I got the mirror and held it up for him.  He said, “that looks good!”  We all laughed.

The relieved parents thanked us over and over again.  We told them it was our pleasure and to go get their son some ice cream for being such a good patient.  He seemed to like us even more now.

I looked up at the clock and realized there were only 10 more minutes left in gymnastics.  I was disappointed that I didn’t get to watch back handsprings today, but happy that we were there to help such a great kid and his worried parents.  We don’t often get to take care of children in our office, but we really enjoy it. 

As a board certified plastic surgeon, Dr. Aguiar offers a wide arrange of services that include reconstructive surgery, hand surgery, cosmetic surgery, and minimally invasive med spa services.  Most importantly, Dr. Aguiar has the expertise to keep a cute little boy….cute!

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