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It's been about 5 months. Here is where I stand: Best decision I ever made. I am so unbelievably happy with my body I can't stand it. Last weekend was the first time I ever went to the beach and didn't keep my stomach covered by a towel or shirt. WOW! 

My scar is ehh. It's about 17 inches long and the sides are very thin; however in the middle I had had some trouble with temp stitches so there's a keloid. I've been using ScarFx tape and Kelo-care. It's very soft, but still red/purply looking.

I'm also numb. Imagine yourself with 6 pack abs, that's the entire area i'm numb, where all the squares are (that's what my son calls them.) I don't really mind it except when I have an itch that I can't scratch because I can't feel myself scratching but i'm still itching! Or when my stomach is touching something- I can feel the pressure but not on my skin so it's weird. I want boobs. I wanted the whole package but I thought if I just get my stomach fixed maybe I won't care about saggy nursing boobies. But, low and behold, gotta get them boobies too. Geez my kids did a number on me.

polskijames | Trinity, FL