Wear sleeveless garments with confidence again!

Here in Florida the weather’s always warm. Do your “bat wings” keep you uncomfortably confined to sleeved tops? You absolutely aren’t alone! Many individuals are unhappy with the appearance of their arms and are unsuccessful in their attempts to correct it through traditional diet and exercise.

Exercise can address fat and muscle strength but it cannot correct droopy skin, which is why brachioplasty (arm lift) is such a popular procedure – it provides an effective solution to a common problem area.

This plastic surgery procedure redefines the zone from your underarm area down to the elbow. While brachioplasty will not correct weakened muscles, it will make the underlying supportive tissues tauter and reduce the excess skin to achieve a more trimmed and toned arm. This procedure may be combined with some liposuction depending on your individual circumstance and the look you desire.

You can bring back the elasticity and the firmness of the younger you, so what are you waiting for? Slip into something fabulous next time the weather is warm!