Mommy Makeovers generally combine procedures that target the breasts and tummy, as these are the areas with the most physical changes from pregnancy and/or breastfeeding.  The most common mommy makeover in Tampa includes breast augmentation, breast lift, (or both) along with tummy tuck and possibly some liposuction. Each individual Mommy Makeover is customized to meet the needs and goals of each patient.  We find Mommy Makeovers not only restore the body to pre-pregnancy physique but also increase self-esteem and overall confidence.  



The ideal mommy makeover candidate understands these procedures are elective and should only be done on women who are in good physical and psychological health.  Women with chronic medical conditions may not be eligible for elective cosmetic procedures.  Candidates should understand the rare, but associated risks for the procedures.  She should also have reasonable expectations for the outcome.  

Timing of a mommy makeover should be carefully thought out.  It is best for women to be finished having children prior to undergoing a mommy makeover.  Future pregnancies and significant weight gain will cause the mommy makeover results to be undesirable.

In Tampa and Westchase, Dr. Aguiar evaluates candidates on a case-by-case basis with his tried and true formula.

He calls it the 4 R’s.

Right Patient + Right Procedure(s) + Realistic Expectations = Great Results


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Mother of two with breast volume loss after pregnancy

Mother of three with breast volume loss and sagging breast after pregnancy

Mother with loose skin and muscle laxity after pregnancy and weight loss

Mother of twins with "twin skin" and muscle laxity




Most women worry about recovery a great deal.  The good news is after recovery they tell us they wished they hadn't worried so much. A good post-surgical recovery plan in place prior to surgery is very helpful.  

Post-operative swelling, bruising, constipation and discomfort are normal side effects during the first week or so of recovery.  These symptoms will quickly subside after the first week.  During the first week, Dr. Aguiar will prescribe oral pain medication to ease discomfort. 

The first few days the mommy makeover patients must rest and avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting (including lifting children).  The weight restriction is 5 lbs. as the body heals.  It is essential to have a spouse, family member or friend to assist with childcare and household chores during the recovery time.

Postoperative visits with Dr. Aguiar are extremely important.  Dr. Aguiar follows up with patients within 1-3 days after surgery and on a regular basis after that.  He will advise each patient when it is safe to return to normal activities, work, household chores, and exercise.