Aging, the power of gravity and even genetics can negatively alter your breasts’ appearance. Restore your youth with a breast lift!

Breast Lift in Tampa, FloridaAre you longing for the curves of your past? Aging, the power of gravity, breast feeding, significant weight loss, and even genetics can cause breast tissue to eventually lose its shape.

A breast lift, (known as a Mastopexy), is a procedure that preserves breast tissue while protecting nipple sensation. During this procedure the breast skin is actually lifted so that the breast is restored to a fuller and more youthful shape. Patients sometimes take the opportunity to combine this plastic surgery procedure with a breast augmentation if they also desire a larger cup size.

Your confidence and your self-image are essential to a happy life and we’d love to help you if you’re currently unhappy with your breasts’ contour. Dr. Aguiar will provide an in-depth discussion about your goals and your sensibilities before ANY cosmetic surgery is scheduled to determine which procedure is best suited for you.