Breast Augmentation - Female - 21

This patient is from Brandon, FL and desires increased breast size through breast implant surgery.  She is 21 years old and is a full A cup and desires to be a Full C cup.  She has some asymmetry with the left side of chest wall being slightly more elevated than that on the right.

Options of saline versus silicone implants and placement of incisions was discussed with the patient.  The patient is interesed in a saline augmentation with submuscular placement of the implants and transaxillary approach.

Incisions were made in both axilla for transaxillary approach.  Due to the chest wall asymmetry, the right implant was filled to 430 cc and the left was filled to 430 cc.

At the 5 month post-op visit, photos were taken.  Patient is doing extremely well and is happy with her results.  She feel that she is the perfect size.

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*Photos and information are of an actual patient of Dr. Joseph W. Aguiar, MD.  Please note, the same “before and after” results may not occur for all patients.  Careful evaluation and consultation is needed to produce the best results possible for each patient.

Patient Info

Reason for Surgery Improved Breast Size
Age 21
Height 5'5"
Weight 127 lbs
Implant Natrelle 360 cc Saline Moderate Profile
Placement Submuscular
Incision Transaxillary
Cup Size Change Full A to Full C
Post-Op Pics 5 Months

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